Traffik: Games Grown-Ups Play

Showtimes & Dates

Friday April 10th @ 8:00 PM

Saturday April 11th @ 3:30 PM

Saturday April 11th @ 8:00 PM

Sunday April 12th @ 3:00 PM

Friday April 17th @ 8:00 PM

Saturday April 18th @ 3:30 PM

Saturday 18th @ 8:00 PM



Trafficking. Jacquay Waller’s Traffik: Games Grown-ups Play_ allows its audience to take a peek into the secret world of human trafficking. It is a world masked by stereotypes, judgments and assumptions. We look into the faces of strangers and decide that they are somehow responsible for their negative circumstances. High heels, mini-skirts and heavy make-up hide the tears of a teenage girl forced into prostitution. Women dressed similarly desire to make money by having sex with men and have no problem sharing their bodies with strangers. A heavy accent must be a sign of ignorance and a desire to take advantage of hard-working Americans. Forced servitude exists, but not in the United States of America. Surely, a highly educated man is incapable of sexually desiring and abusing small children. The stage play Traffik challenges these beliefs and compels the audience to re-examine how they judge others.

Fact: Atlanta Magazine named the city of Atlanta as “Sex City,” the capital of sexual exploitation in the U.S.

Fact: Atlanta is known as the number-one hub of human trafficking and child sex exploitation in the United States.

Fact: Instead of traveling to Thailand to have sex with a child, men are traveling to Atlanta. They are picked up at Hartsfield Jackson International Airport by a pimp who takes them to have sex with a child sex slave. They are then dropped back at the airport and fly back home to have dinner with their family the same night.

Human trafficking is an issue that must be addressed.