Founder & CEO of AGI Entertainment

Armed with 20 plus years of industry knowledge, technical skills, and leadership experience, Natarsha Garcia polishes talent and guides stars to actualize their dreams. As a performer herself, and the mother of a talented son, Brandin Jay, she brings a unique advantage to both her clients and their families.
Natarsha has the gift of cultivating the existing talent her clients have and propelling them to superstar status. Because of her over 20 years of credible contributions to the industry, Natarsha has garnered the title of ‘The Star Maker’ by many of her industry friends and associates.
“God has given me the gift of recognizing and developing talent and I plan to use that gift to the fullest”, explains Natarsha. “AGI Entertainment is not just a talent company. We are a family. Every artist who walks through our doors knows that I will not stop pushing them to the limit until their dreams become their reality.”