Co-Founder / Chief Operating Officer

Craig’s journey in the entertainment industry started 30 years ago, when he, himself started out as an artist. His own experience as an artist has informed his approach in every leadership role that he fills at AGI. His passion for the entertainment industry is both genuine and heartfelt. In addition to his personal industry experience, Craig also has a heart that is just as concerned with the character and heart posture of the artist as he is with the artist’s talent development.

Being an ordained minister, he brings a unique personal development and coaching flair to AGI that inspires talent to soar above their perceived and oftentimes self-imposed limitations. With an astute business acumen and a genuine command of presence, Craig instills within the AGI culture, as sense of excellence that serves AGI talent on and off the stage.

For almost 20 years, Craig and Natarsha have paired up their time, talent, and tenacity to guide the careers of untold numbers of talent. You’ve heard it said that when stars align, miracles happen. At AGI, this has proven to be true!