Why Should I Support the Theater?

 The Live Venue & Entertainment industry has taken a devastating hit this year as a result of COVID-19. When everyone went back to work, we had to make remain in our houses, unable to return home to the stage.  For several months now our stages have been dark, and our audience empty, which means we have been solely dependent on the support of you, our community. Theaters and other live venues and the revenue they bring to neighboring businesses play a critical economic role in the community, and in order for our economy to make a full recovery, our survival is imperative.

That being said the theater gives much more to the community than money. The theater is a place of art and culture. We at Marietta’s New Theatre in the Square make it our personal mission to speak up for the unheard, and tell the stories that can’t find a stage any where else. The theater is one of the few places you can go that can allow you to escape the world you live in, but somehow understand better at the same time. It is an expression, and celebration of everything that makes us human. Without it… we all become a little bit less than. You aren’t just imperative to the theater’s survival, the theater is imperative to yours.

How Can I Support the Theater?

There are several ways you can support the theater, but the main way is to use it! We have a stage, a full production team, a lounge, and a marquee, all of which you are able to rent! If there is a small private event you would like to host in our Communitea Lounge, a show you would like to put on to be recorded or streamed on our stage with our crew, our announcement you would like to make in a special way, visit our rentals page! Purchasing tickets is also a great way to support the theater.

The majority of our income prior to COVID-19 came from ticket sales, but those numbers have dropped drastically in the past few months. We want to perform live just as badly as you want to watch live, if not even more so, but in the best interest of the health and safety of our staff, performers, and you, our patrons, we cannot and will not do so until everyone’s safety can be assured. Stay up to date on what shows we are streaming by frequently checking our website, signing up for our email list, or following us on social media @mariettatheatresquare.

 The most direct way for you to support the theater is through donations. By donating to the theater you aren’t just supporting the building, but the people, and the families, that bring our shows to life! You are also helping us to continue to stream shows for you and your loved ones to enjoy from home! If you would like for us to bring back your favorites from past seasons, we have to be able to pay for the rights to do so, and with your help we can! If you’ve already donated, encourage your friends and family to do so as well!

How Can I Get Others to Support?

By following us on social media, sharing and reposting, you can help us to increase our outreach tremendously! One of the most powerful tools a community has to offer is networking. By introducing Marietta’s New Theatre in the Square to your network, and encouraging everyone in it to introduce it to theirs, you’ve helped our family to flourish! 

We can’t make plans to go out with friends the way we used to, but by encouraging your friends and loved ones to stream our shows from home, you can feel connected, and be social, no matter what the distance! Whether your hosting virtual watch parties, or MNTITS & Chill, your helping to support your local theater, and encouraging others to do the same!